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What can I donate to Streets Alive Mission?

Have you ever wondered what kinds of things you can donate to Streets Alive Mission (besides your time, talent, and treasures)?

The list below isn’t all-inclusive, but these are the things we need almost all of the time!

Donations of clothing, underwear, toiletries, outerwear, shoes, and household items gratefully accepted by Streets Alive Mission.Donations Gratefully Accepted!

CLOTHING –  Men’s & Women’s

 Shirts (all sizes)
 Jeans & Pants  (waist size 30-34)



UNDERWEAR – Men’s & Women’s

 Underwear / Briefs (all sizes)
 Sports Bras
 Socks (white tube socks)

SHOES – Men’s & Women’s 



 Trial Sizes
 Shampoo / Conditioner


 Non-Perishable Food
 Bedding / Towels
 Small Kitchen Items / Appliances

Every donation helps!

We gratefully accept donations at our office in downtown Lethbridge.

Donation Times: M-F, 9:30AM-4:30PM (closed lunch)
Drop off at our office: 323 – 4TH ST. S, LETHBRIDGE.

Call the office if those times don’t work and we may be able to arrange another drop-off time (403-320-1159)

Thank you SO much for your support! We are only able to keep Bringing Hope to the Hopeless with your help!

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What is The Wing Ding?

The Wing Ding is the annual summer fundraising dinner for Streets Alive Mission.

This is the 3rd year we’ve hosted the Wing Ding, and previous to that it was known as The Chicken Run Dinner.

Wing Ding 2017
Tuesday, July 18, 2017
Enmax Centre Lounge (upstairs)
Doors open @ 5:30 p.m. Dinner 6:00 p.m.

What happens at The Wing Ding?

The Wing Ding includes a sit-down dinner, refreshments, and dessert, for starters.

Ryan Mennie from 94.1 CJOC radio will be our emcee for the event! Throughout the evening there will be lots of fun with entertainment, games, and our “Auction with a Twist”.

This year the Wing Ding is specifically supporting two particular Mission programs – The PIN (People In Need) Bank and Trusteeships – so we’ll also be sharing about these vital ministries.

You will be sure to enjoy this evening of fun and information, and also be able to contribute toward the programs at Streets Alive Mission.

How does The Wing Ding help Streets Alive Mission?

Marie McLennan, Associate Director of Philanthropy says,

“The Wing Ding is a vital fundraiser for the Mission this year.

Clothing donations are important and appreciated, but due to the overwhelming demand this spring, the financial support generated at the Wing Ding is critical for our programs.

Apart from being a fun night out, it’s also a great way for you or your business to get connected in the community and support a local charity.”


Who Can Come to The Wing Ding?

Everyone is welcome!

If you are familiar with the Mission, bring someone who isn’t!

Buy a whole table of tickets! Bring your staff, your family, your neighbors, etc!


Join us for The Wing Ding!

Tickets are still available for The 2017 Wing Ding.

Ticket Price: $40 per person
(includes dinner, refreshments, dessert, and entertainment)

Tickets are available from Marie: by phone (403) 320-1159; at the Streets Alive Mission office (323 – 4 Street S); or by email


Come to The Wing Ding to learn about and show your support for the many life-recovery programs at Streets Alive. 

Wing Ding 2017


The summer is hot!

We think about pets during the hot summer and we act

During the summer, we think about our pets getting overheated, and we act!

But what about the homeless?

Homeless in the Heat

When you are homeless, you have no place to escape the heat.

summer sun No cool shower at the end of the day.

summer sun No protection from the damaging rays of the sun.

summer sun Limited access even to water.

Summer at Streets Alive Mission

During the hot summer months, poverty will not be on vacation, nor will we have a relaxed summer schedule at Streets Alive Mission.

In past years, the winter months were generally busier than in the summer. However, today we are experiencing such growth that every day, through the spring and summer, is busier than the one before.

It wasn’t that long ago that our evening meal service was busy if we saw thirty or so people. NOW, 30 people is a slow night, with some evenings serving over 100!

That’s huge growth…. That’s HUGE NEED!

WHY such a great need?

There are so many people in the Lethbridge area struggling with homelessness every day because they no longer can manage their lives.

Whether it’s due to job loss, addiction, or simply struggling to make ends meet — more people than ever are coming to the Mission for help.

The challenge for us is when services to those in need are on the rise, giving is often down.

Help the Homeless “Beat the Heat”

We make every effort to prepare for the summer shortfall, but with record-setting summer temperatures forecast, I know our limits will be tested.

We understand that people are planning vacations, out of normal routines, and away from the monthly reminders in their calendars. This is when your gifts make such a difference.

summer sun Your gift will help people like Samuel escape from the heat for an hour or so while he attends Chapel.

summer sun Your gift will supply water for our SMART Team to distribute on the streets.

summer sun Your gift could easily save a life!

The street population is at extreme risk when temperatures begin to soar. Your gift can help them survive.

Poverty doesn’t take a vacation!

Because you give, our staff and volunteers are ready to provide aid to all who enter our doors. Thank you for being mindful of the fact that homelessness doesn’t take a vacation!

Help us to make this a Summer of Hope. Take action today!  Click the image below to DONATE now!

THANK YOU from all of us at Streets Alive Mission! Bringing HOPE to the Hopeless!


Emergency Food Bank

Many people do not realize that Streets Alive Mission operates an Emergency Food Bank.

The Mission Food Bank is available to those who are in transition and can’t yet connect with other services in the community. We help people get by until they can access more permanent solutions.

In the first 6 months of 2017,
our Food Bank has experienced a 62% increase in demand!

Food Hampers

The volunteers in our food pantry break down larger donations into manageable sizes, often meal sizes, to help our supplies go further.

Hampers are then made up from those supplies.  Each hamper will feed a person for just a couple of days.

Food Bank Needs

The needs of our food bank are a bit different than most.

We need readily consumable foods that do not take much to prepare.

Canned goods, such as:

  • pastas,
  • soups,
  • meat,
  • vegetables,
  • and beans

and instant oatmeal are easy meal items which don’t require much in the way of cooking skills or appliances and utensils.

These simple foods will keep someone from being hungry until they can access other community services.

A Little Goes a Long Way

our food bank is bare - streets alive mission lethbridgeThe Mission volunteers can make a little food stretch a long way, but they cannot create miracles…

…and right now, our food bank needs a miracle.

The shelves in our food pantry are currently quite empty.  The food we get is going back out to people in need just as fast as it’s coming in. The need is great!

Your immediate donations of food, or financial resources that we can turn into food, will make sure that the surge in clients accessing our emergency food bank all receive something to eat. (more…)


Join Streets Alive Mission for our yearly Summer Fundraiser….

The Wing Ding 2017

The 3rd Annual Wing Ding

Have a Wing Ding of a good time with us while supporting essential life-recovery programs at the Mission, and helping bring HOPE to those in need.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Enmax Centre

Doors open @ 5:30 p.m.

Dinner 6:00 p.m.

Auction to follow.

Ticket Price: $40 per person

Tickets are now available from Marie:

  • by phone (403) 320-1159;
  • at the Streets Alive Mission office (323 – 4 Street S);
  • or by email at

This event sells out every year, so be sure to get your tickets before they are all gone.

For more information, contact Marie. (more…)