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The Streets Alive Mission Team

Learn a little about our staff members here. We can’t do what we do without them, and they are pretty awesome!

Hi, we’re Ken and Julie.  We are the co-founders of Streets Alive Mission, and we’ve been the co-directors of of Streets Alive since 1992.


We both came from Manitoba, first moving to Sundre, then to Picture Butte, and finally to Lethbridge in 1984. We’ve been married since 1972, and have three kids, three grandkids, and we once again have three dogs. Our kids were mostly raised in the ministry, and have the same compassion for the lost and hurting that we do. We gave our lives over to the Lord in 1984, and we’ve been “pedal to the metal” ever since.


During a trip to Mexico in 1990, God birthed a vision in us to work with disenfranchised people. Julie started to drive the bus for what was then known as Victory Downtown Outreach, and Ken joined her on the bus shortly thereafter. We were honored to become directors in 1992, and have been overseeing this ministry ever since. In 2002, Ken underwent treatment for cancer, and emerged victorious. We have no plans to slow down in any way, and will continue to show God’s love whoever crosses our path.


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Read Julie’s Bio: Julie Kissick.


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Marie McLennan

Associate Director - Philanthropy

Hi! I’m Marie and I’m the Associate Director of Philanthropy here at Streets Alive Mission!

I am responsible for all aspects of Donor Relations and Communications. This is the biggest and best part of my job. Our Donors, whether of Time, Talent or Treasure, are a vital part of the work we do at Streets Alive Mission, so much so, in fact, that we couldn’t do any of the work we do without them. I consider it a privilege to be able to spend a good part of my day saying THANK YOU and sharing the stories of our work with them. I am proud of the opportunity to be able to communicate the stories of the work we do to the people who make it possible TO do.


We share God’s love every day at Streets Alive Mission in a very tangible way to our clients. The Team on the front lines make a real impact. They know & love our clients deeply, and sharing their stories of how God has worked through them is extremely humbling.


Stepping into the non-profit arena for work has proven to be a most excellent fit for me.  I have always felt that I have a very weird and odd assortment of gifts. They never really “went” together. I have had many satisfying jobs in my life, but none that used more than a couple of gifts at one time.


Coming to work at Streets Alive Mission has brought all my gifts together. This is why God brought me to Lethbridge. I use all of my gifts, every day! Communication skills, creativity, this weird ability I have to come up with ideas, relationship skills, business acumen, all of it.

It has given me a sense of peace and fulfillment that I have never known.


The development of those skills and gifts in my life would not have been possible without my biggest hero – my Mom. She was an amazing woman who always put her family first. She established a work ethic in my Sister and I that have made us formidable to say the least, but most importantly, my Mom instilled in us a sense of independence and confidence that has brought both of us through many tough times. I lost her over 20 years ago, but I still miss her every day and I think she would be proud of who I am and how I have raised my kids.



When I was recently asked, “What is something that’s quirky about you?”  my first response was, “Oh Heavens!! What isn’t!!! LOL!”


My family has always teased me that I am the Webster definition of quirky!! (And I’m OK with that!) I have a ludicrous sense of humour. I love FUN!!! And shoes….. yes, I love shoes…. Lots and lots of shoes!! Fun coloured shoes, like yellow, and red and green and red and blue, and red… oh and did I mention red? Love red shoes!! … and polka dot shoes, and striped shoes and plaid shoes… well you get the point!! LOL … mmmm shoes!!


geocache travel bugI have a really fun pastime, too.  Have you ever heard of GeoCaching? That’s an activity that sends perfectly normal adults/kids scurrying through grass and trees and rough terrain in search of plastic containers filled with boundless Dollar Store swag in a world wide treasure hunt! And yes, I am completely addicted!! A good GPS and I am set!! On the rare occasion that I find and capture a “Travel Bug”, that alone can send me into a near euphoric state!! LOL! Completely ridiculous and endless amounts of fun at the same time. I have found some of the most obscure spots on the map here in Southern Alberta! Some of them AREN’T on a map!!


If I am not out “Caching”, I am usually at home digging in the dirt in my garden or sitting in front of a roaring fire, either in the back yard or in my living room.  I recharge when I am out in God’s creation – that is when I can hear him the clearest. I also enjoy quiet time with my family, although when I get all my family together, quiet is the last reference that would be appropriate!!


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Meagan Romanchuk


Hi, I’m Meagan. As the administrator here at Streets Alive Mission, I make sure everyone gets paid, the lights stay on, and we can buy the supplies we need to provide for our clients.


I grew up in the church, and have always been a “goodie-two shoes”, as it were. I was always on the honour roll, and was usually as active in extra-curricular activities as I could be. I also completed a year of Bible College in Tennessee. That was truly a learning experience: an 18-year-old homebody flying 3000 miles away to another country for her first time away from home!


After that, I worked in grocery store as a cashier for several years, and then became a manager for a beauty supply warehouse, a job I held for 3 years.


I was thrilled when the opportunity arose for me to work for the Streets Alive Mission, with my parents, Ken and Julie Kissick. I had watched their involvement with Streets Alive for so long, and I had been involved in some volunteer activities, as well. God has really upped my compassion since I started working here in February 2006.


I am not a fan of injustice. Seeing an entire group of people become marginalized based purely on preconceived or uninformed notions makes me angry.


One of the most inspiring things about working at Streets Alive Mission is the look on people’s faces when they realize for the first time in their life that they have worth.


Outside of work life, I’ve stayed married to the same man (A.J.) for almost 12 years, and my dogs haven’t died from neglect. Yay me!


I like to read, listen to music, fangirl over anything Marvel or Disney related, and obsessively watch defunct TV shows on Netflix. My hero is Captain America, and I organize my Skittles by color before I eat them. Don’t judge me. 🙂


You can contact me by sending an email to meagan@streetsalive.ca or by calling the Streets Alive Office at 403-320-1159.


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Shawna Pinay


Hi! I’m Shawna! As the Receptionist here, I’m usually the person you’ll see at the front desk at Streets Alive, or the person you talk to when you call in to the office. 

I’m kind of a “Jack of all trades” and I do whatever I can to help around the Mission.  At the office, I direct our clients to the PIN Bank, and I assist our clients to find out where to go for help with addictions. I input all of the info for the PIN Bank into our computer system to keep track of what comes in and what goes out.  I’ve also been respite house mom for the Segue Women’s Home.

I came to Streets Alive as a lost and broken person, myself.  I have had a ten-year relationship with the Mission.  I came for help trying to figure life out.  I wanted to work at Streets Alive because it has been such a big part of my life. People here showed me I was worthy in Christ and loveable, and they gave me hope. They loved me until I could love myself. 

I would say that one of the most important things I do is to love on the clients and people at the Mission. Because I’ve walked the road that they are on, I can help to support them and celebrate recovery.  I continue to be a part of the support groups on Thursday nights at the Mission, including a 12-step community.

In my spare time, I like going to movies with friends, and hanging out with recovery friends and Christian friends. Recently I’ve reconnected with my Mom, and I am enjoying getting to know her better and having video chats with her since she lives in another city.

I love people, and I love to show them that there is in hope in Christ. I want them to know that alcohol and drugs and broken hearts can be overcome.


Come by and see me at the office, especially if you have questions about volunteering at Streets Alive Mission, or helping out in any other ways. I began my time at the Mission as a client, then worked as a volunteer before being hired, and I’m happy to help you in any way I can!

Email Shawna at info@streetsalive.ca or call the office at 403-320-1159 and ask for Shawna – I’m probably the one answering the phone!


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