Styled By Streets

Stled by StreetsStreets Alive Mission receives numerous, generous donations from kind people who want to help.


Because we want to make sure the poor are dressed like you and me, we occasionally receive items that are not usable by our clients.


We wanted to honor those who have donated by using those items to generate funds to buy high demand items that we never have enough of.


We’re sharing special “Styled by Streets” outfits created from otherwise un-useable items.


These items will be used to have a little fun, and help raise the funds necessary for essential items our clients need.


1 Styled by Streets outfit example – a little teaser


This is a sample outfit. We call the ensemble “KERMIT” and it comes complete with Muppet toque, wild Hawaiian shirt, and teal nylon track pants!


Styled by Streets - Outfit 8 - Kermit


We have a total of 12 outfits, so there’s sure to be something for every taste!


View Styled by Streets Outfits


Styled by Streets STYLE SNAP SHARE SENDHere’s how “Styled by Streets” works:


STYLE – find one of the outfits that you love (or one that you would love to see on someone else).

Most likely you’ll have an outfit delivered to you because someone has chosen you!

Either way, STYLE yourself up in that outfit!!


SNAP – Take a Selfie or get someone to SNAP a picture of you in your outfit.


SHARE – SHARE that photo on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) with the hashtag #StyledByStreets.


SEND – SEND your STYLE on to a family member, co-worker, or friend, so it can help more people. Make your donation (online is easiest – link coming soon), fill out the delivery slip, and we’ll come pick up your outfit & SEND it on to your chosen person.


Minimum suggested donation of $75. Seeing your friends, family members, or coworkers in these outfits will definitely be worth every penny. And you’ll be helping the Mission to provide important items to those in need.


Styled by Streets Kick-Off at Wing Ding

The first outfits will be auctioned off at the Summer Wing Ding, and the remaining outfits will be available for selection here on the website.  Once the outfits are ready, you’ll be able to view our catalog of currently available “Styled by Streets” selections.


View Styled by Streets Outfits


If you have any questions, contact Marie @ 403-320-1159 or by email at


Let the “Styled by Streets” fun and sharing begin!