$600 Does Not Save a Child

$600 does not save a kid...

It costs about $600 per year to disciple one of our youth. That’s $50 per month.


$600 does not save a child.   But it gives us the opportunity to speak into their lives, to get to know their families.


Every week, we pick up 25-30 kids for youth; every week Heidi picks up 9-10 kids for church on Sunday.


We have burgers donated every week (because often the kids have not eaten).


Almost every day of the week, Heidi and Dwayne and many of the other staff members spend a portion of our days with youth.


For instance, Heidi takes them with her everywhere, so they can see a little bit of what life looks like without all the hurt.


The youth are regulars in the Schaaf house (and have been regulars at the Kissick house, too)…  We share life, all the ups and downs.


We also supply emergency food and clothing.


$600 does not save a kid...Approximately $600 a year per youth is what we have to spend on supplies, activity fees, fuel, and food, among other things.


$600 does not save a kid… But it gives us the opportunity to speak life into their situations and to help advocate for them and their families.


One of the highlights of our youth ministries is the annual Youth Camp.  Have a look at the most recent camp:  Youth Retreat 2015 – Camp Photos


It costs about $600 per year to disciple one of our youth. That’s $50 per month. It’s such a small price to pay for the changes we see in these youth’s lives. And $600 is just a drop in the bucket… we could do so much more.  Donate today and invest in a child’s life!

Posted Wednesday September 02, 2015 by Streets Alive Mission

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