A Thousand Thanks!

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Our Heartfelt THANKS – a THOUSAND times over!


Streets Alive Mission is celebrating a ‘Day of a Thousand Thanks’ today, October 9, 2019, to show our heartfelt appreciation to all of the Lethbridge community, businesses, and churches who support and volunteer with us, so we can help people in need.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

  • For all the clothing, jackets, and shoes you have donated to the PIN Bank… THANKS!
  • For all the groceries you have provided for the Emergency Food Pantry… THANKS!
  • For all the time, talents, and energy our volunteers have given to our programs… THANKS!
  • For all the monetary gifts and prayers that help sustain the work at the Mission… THANKS!

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Streets Alive Mission just wants to say,

“Because you give… THANKS!”



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