Make a Tax-Deductible Charitable Donation to Streets Alive

It’s not too late to give to Streets Alive Mission for a 2015 charitable donation tax receipt.


wrap up the year - Streets Alive Mission

Every one of our valuable programs saw huge increases in demand during 2015. We have one last big end-of-year financial goal is to ensure that the essential life-recovery programs at the Mission can grow to meet the increasing demand.


Streets Alive Mission has a goal to raise $64,000 in the last weeks of December.


We accomplished so much in 2015 and with your help can do even more in 2016. (For a small glimpse at the impact your donations make, take a look at our “Stunning Statistics” video!)


year-end charitable donation - Streets Alive MissionGive Back Today. Get Back at Tax-Time.


As the end of the year closes in, time is running out on tax deductible donations. About 25% of Canadians take advantage of the sizeable benefits Canadian Federal and Provincials governments offer to Canadians who give to registered Canadians charities. These tax incentives are significant, amounting to as much as 53% of your charitable donation.



Give back today - Streets Alive MissionFor many Canadians, it’s by leveraging these tax benefits that they can give more generously to charities. It makes them feel good and with their larger gift, it enables the charities they support to do more. Now, that’s a good thing.


Consider Streets Alive Mission for your year-end gifting!


At Streets Alive Mission, the needs for life-recovery programs for people in Lethbridge continue to increase. Please consider keeping us in mind as you make your end-of-year donation.


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If you have any questions about financial donations, or would like to make a donation by talking to one of our staff members, please phone Meagan at 403-320-1159. She will be happy to assist in any way that she can!


Thank you for your generous support and partnership. We can’t do what we do without you. Every donation makes a difference!


Streets Alive Mission THANKS YOU!



NOTE:  This post is intended to provide directional guidance only and that it does not account for all possible tax situations. For more specific tax information, please visit: http://www.cra-arc.gc.ca/chrts-gvng/dnrs/menu-eng.html

Posted Monday December 28, 2015 by Streets Alive Mission

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