Emergency Response Recap

As part of the emergency response to the health crisis our world is facing, Streets Alive Mission was tasked by the City of Lethbridge to help in some key areas specific to our community. Opening and operating our Community Donation Centre/Warehouse has been one part of this endeavour.

While many agencies were closed or operating on a very limited basis, the rapid rehousing priority initiated by the City required that household goods and other items still be collected for clients in need, even while thrift stores were also closed.

In partnership with:

Streets Alive Mission has been operating the Community Donation Centre throughout the crisis.

At the warehouse, we accept all donations of clothing, household goods, kitchenware, furniture, & hygiene items. After the appropriate time of separation, the items are sorted, and redistributed to agencies who need them. After the health restrictions are lifted, everything collected will be divided among the partnering stores.

Community Donation Centre / Warehouse Operations

Community Donation Center - sorting

In order to make all of this work, we have reached out to the community for donations, volunteers, and funding to provide for staff oversight, utilities, etc., to meet the needs. And Lethbridge has responded enthusiastically, by donating household goods as well as financial donations!

Our volunteers receive and sort items at the warehouse 5 days a week. Community organizations call the Mission to request items for their clients, and the volunteers create a box or boxes with the necessary items. The requesting organization only needs to stop by to pick up the box(es) and deliver them to their people. It’s been a pretty good system, and it seems to be working well!

Lethbridge Community Agencies Working Together

A staff member from HomeBase, John*(not his real name), came in to say, “Thank You.” He is so impressed by the hard work that the sorters at the Community Donation Centre are doing.

John has been working with the Donation Centre / Warehouse, collecting goods to assist his clients. Every time he comes to the warehouse, the items he picks up are in good condition, boxed, and ready to go when promised for his clients. Today he asked about some specific needs for a particular client, and was pleased that we were willing to address the issue in a manner that would best help that person.

Assisting Partners in Re-Opening

As the community charity thrift stores are slowly reopening, they are also now receiving the items we have been collecting at the Donation Centre.

We recently spoke to a person who volunteers at the Mission Thrift Store, also thanking us for all the work the sorters at the warehouse are doing. The thrift store volunteer mentioned that when they open the boxes received from the warehouse, the items are exactly as noted on the boxes, and no additional sorting is required. The volunteer said that they particularly like getting the donations from our warehouse because the work is already completed. It makes it that much easier to get the thrift store back in operation and to keep it running smoothly while still under health restrictions.

Thank You for Responding to the Crisis with Us

Firstly, we’d like to say, “Way to go, Warehouse volunteers and staff! You are awesome!!”

Of course, none of this is possible without the outpouring of support from the amazing people of Lethbridge and surrounding areas. Thank you for responding to the crisis with us in the best ways possible!

As the city and the rest of Canada begin the process of staging recovery from the crisis, so must Streets Alive Mission be ready to assist the ever-increasing number of people who are and will be requiring our services and programs. We know that with your continued support – physical, prayerful, and financial –  we will be able to help the people in greatest need, just as we have been throughout the last several months.

We’re not out of the woods, but we’re in good company with a great community surrounding us![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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