February 21: Coldest Night of the Year 2015 – Streets Alive

Coldest Night of the Year 2015 – February 21st, 2015


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coldest night of the year 2015- streets aliveSo here’s the plan, Canada! Grab your calendar and circle this date: Saturday, February 21st.


That’s the date we’re all going to walk in the Coldest Night of the Year.




Because homelessness is a big problem in our country.


And not just “somewhere else”… it’s on your street, right now.


It’s a grinding, life-draining, stomach-churning, anxiety-inducing day-to-day living on the edge type of poverty that can suddenly grip anyone.


Youth. Elderly. Families. Even entire neighbourhoods.


Stats don’t lie.


Chances are it’s affected someone you know: a friend, your brother… even you.


The Coldest Night of the Year is our response.  


It’s you and I and all our friends walking together on a cold winter’s night, raising money for dozens of remarkable charities across Canada, who faithfully serve the hungry, homeless, and hurting right here in our towns.


No, seriously!


The walk is in your town (or very close by).  We’re talking right here in LETHBRIDGE! (and in nearly 80 communities all across Canada.)


Tens of thousands of people are coming together and filling the streets despite the cold, no, BECAUSE of the cold, to show they care.


That’s what makes it Canada’s largest* nationwide walk for homelessness.  (*unofficial).


its cold out there - coldest night of the year 2015 - streets aliveSo, you should walk with us!  We need each other, and we need you!


Start a team.  Join with some friends.  Give. Volunteer.


Feel that cold Canadian night in a new way, and start warming it up.


Register  a team, walk individually, donate to a walker or a team, or volunteer – all right here: Coldest Night of the Year 2015 – Streets Alive


Join us on February 21st, and remember…. It’s Cold Out There!


Coldest Night of the Year 2015 Streets Alive

Posted Friday February 13, 2015 by Streets Alive Mission

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