We are so blessed to have been the benefactors of Funky Petals Love & Support Mission for December 2017.

Chelsa visited us in Mid-December to learn more about Streets Alive Mission and the work we do here. She was a delight to have on-site! Chelas also brought amazing Funky Petals flower arrangements to share with our staff and clients, showcasing some of their fun Christmas cheer!

As part of the Love & Support Mission, Funky Petals included a Love & Support Mission write-up on the BLOOMdiggity (formerly Funky Petals Lethbridge) Facebook Page about the work happening here at Streets Alive. We are really moved by what they shared, and we’d like to include it here for your viewing pleasure as well.  (Click “See More” in the box below to read the complete post.)


Thank you so much for this amazing project, Funky Petals!

You’ve made a real difference in the lives of our clients and staff by bringing beauty and life into the Mission in a new way. You’ve helped to share our story with your own audience.

“Love & Support” does exactly that – shows love and support to the organizations you reach out to. This project is bridging gaps and helping to bring our community together in amazing ways. We are so very grateful!