Holiday Donations 2020

Our Neighbours Need US This Holiday Season more than ever!

Did you have to choose between FOOD and RENT this month?

Because your neighbour may have...

Your gift WILL help your neighbours in need this Christmas season!


While we all want the perfect Christmas dinner, our neighbour NEEDS a meal.


While we want to find the perfect gift for that special someone, our neighbour needs to make sure their child has any gift at all.


While we want to trim our Christmas tree exactly right, our neighbour needs to pay their heating bill.


Whether it’s our next-door neighbour, the neighbour seated beside you on the bus, or the neighbour who is downtown in the cold, our neighbours can be facing a Christmas wanting food, shelter, or family.


YOU can help a struggling neighbour this holiday season!


YOU are Powerful!

YOU feed hungry people every day.

YOU provide warm coats & boots.

YOU can provide joy and comfort to your neighbour this Christmas.

YOU can make a difference in the lives of those neighbours less fortunate.


Streets Alive Mission provides meals, food hampers,
clothing, and hygiene supplies to any who need them.
We provide housing to those in recovery,
as well as relationship for the lonely and broken among us.


YOU can help us provide those things.

Your gift WILL help your neighbours in need this Christmas season!

Street Talk Merry Christmas
*photo from Christmas past

The people we serve are depending on your support.

Thank You!

On behalf of those in need in Lethbridge, THANK YOU!

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