Holiday Helpers Needed – Christmas 2018

Holiday Helpers Needed!

Invite Others to GIVE with you this Holiday Season

Give in ways that matter MORE this year!

Instead of:

  • “Secret Santa”s,
  • Extended Family or Small Group Gift Exchanges, and
  • Corporate Holiday Gifts,
…this year you can be:
  • “Streets’ Angels”,
  • “Holiday Blessings”, or
  • “Mission Lights”!

Invite others to give WITH YOU!

This year the holiday season offers a unique opportunity for you to help raise funds and support for Streets Alive Mission.

More than just giving, you can invite and challenge others to give with you.

You can easily and quickly set up your own fundraiser to launch on or after #GivingTuesday (November 27th)! We’ve provided a few types to start with, but you can get creative with your own ideas as well. We’ll give you the resources to make running your fundraiser fun and easy!

Starting now through the end of December, you can set up your fundraisers through our secure online fundraising system. Launch your fundraiser and share it with your friends and family on social media and email throughout the Holiday Season!

Streets' Angels

Instead of Secret Santas at the office, set up a “Streets’ Angels” fundraiser.


You and your coworkers can donate the money you would have spent on Secret Santa Gifts to the Mission, saving time and effort, while making a real difference right here in Lethbridge.

Set goals for donations collected instead of setting spending caps, and invite the participants to have their friends and family donate, too.

Holiday Blessings

Instead of Extended Family or Small Group Gift Exchanges, set up a “Holiday Blessings” fundraiser.


You and your friends or family can give in honour of each other, rather than spending the time and money on unwanted or silly gifts!

Set goals for virtual bags filled – for example: every gift in the bag = $5;
10 gifts fills a bag. This way the young people in your groups can participate, too!

Mission Lights

Instead of purchasing Corporate Gifts for staff or clients, set up a
“Mission Lights” fundraiser.

Shine a light on Streets Alive Mission, and lead other business owners to donate to a cause your organization cares about.

Donate on behalf of those you would normally give these gifts to, and invite other groups to do the same.

Set goals for the number of businesses you can challenge, or for getting other companies to match your donations.

Free and Easy to invite others to give WITH you!

It’s completely free to set-up a Holiday Helper fundraiser on the CanadaHelps secure system.

Plus, we’ll make it as easy as possible for you to get set-up and running.

We provide graphics and text to use right on the fundraiser setup pages.

A few quick customizations, and you’re fundraising!

Resources & How-To’s

Holiday Helpers Fundraiser Setup Page on CanadaHelps

CanadaHelps Fundraising Tips for Team Captains (general)

CanadaHelps Fundraising Tips for Participants (general)

Email peer2peer@streetsalive.ca to receive an information package if needed!

Contact Marie at 403-320-1159 or crowdfunding@streetsalive.ca for money/donation specific questions.


On behalf of our clients and those in need in Lethbridge,
we offer a HUGE Thank You for your willingness to partner with us in this way.

Your funds will go directly toward life-recovery programs for people in our community.

Thank You Holiday Helpers