Myths & F.A.Q.s

Commonly held myths, uninformed assumptions, and frequently asked questions
about the people served by Streets Alive Mission.

Why Don’t They Just Get a Job?

Getting a job in this economy is a struggle for people who have university degrees, much less someone who’s lived their whole life in poverty and never been taught the basics of a firm handshake & looking potential employers in the eye.

Myth: ‘Success’ Equals Going from Poverty to a ‘Normal’ Life

At Streets Alive Mission, success is measured in different ways. We see successes every day! Our client’s successes may not lead to a ‘normal’ life by society’s standards, but they are successes nonetheless.

Willpower is Enough to Break an Addiction

Breaking an addiction requires more than just sheer will power, and we will be there all along the way with love, grace, support, and hope.

Why Don’t They Access Government Assistance Programs?

Some level of education, a fixed address, and government-issued identification are required to access programs. Many of our clients don’t have these.