Numbers of Necessity

numbers of necessity

In the past 2 years, Streets Alive Mission has seen the need for services offered by our programming increase across the board.


Our Trusteeship program has grown by a staggering 320% since 2014!


The Youth Group (Epidemyc) has grown by 75%.


Even the PIN Bank has seen an 18% increase in users in just the last year.


These numbers are only going to grow as another number – 9% unemployment – will have a direct affect on all of our programs.


Numbers of Necessity from 2015

A few numbers from our life-recovery programs and services in 2015:


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50,000 sandwiches last year!  That’s an average of 160 sandwiches a night, 6 nights a week.


So far in 2016, the Streets Alive Mission Mobile Unit – Takin’ It To The Streets – has exceeded that nightly sandwich average.


The numbers of necessity in 2016 are undoubtedly going to continue to increase. 


How Your Donations Help with these Necessities

Every donation made to Streets Alive Mission helps to meet these necessities of life.


  • $3 feeds one person one meal.


  • $52 per month supports a youth in our discipleship life skills training program.


  • $162.50 per week supports one woman in life-recovery.


  • $800 per month equips our medical outreach team.


We simply can’t do what we do without YOU. Thank you for helping us to meet these needs!

Posted Wednesday July 06, 2016 by Streets Alive Mission

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