It finally happened!


After years of losing battles and coming close to giving up, Pastor Julie was fighting through the drama, looking for the hope. And God granted her long-standing dream of opening a women’s home.


Segue Women’s Home opened in April 2013!


In the last year, we’ve all experienced a steep learning curve at the house. Our house mom, Deb, has learned how to live with roommates, and Pastor Julie has learned that 3 women in one house can create more drama than 18 men (in Parkside Home)!  🙂


In addition to providing housing for “our girls”, as we affectionately call them, we’ve brought on several women to teach courses to our residents. The courses include life skills, such as grocery shopping, cooking, keeping a budget, as well as dealing with emotional issues.


The drama sometimes can’t be stopped, but it can be used as teachable moments, to help the girls to keep moving forward with hope instead of hopelessness. 


We saw four residents in our first six months – two had to leave the home due to relapse, and two moved forward on to bigger and better things.  One of our residents got her only place just before the New Year so she can continue the process of getting her children back.  Another one of the girls headed off to Teen Challenge to continue her recovery.


Dramatically changed lives!

We’ve been able to walk our girls through court cases and life transitions, witnessing miracles and watching God’s favour move.  We are seeing these women transformed, for the better, day by day. They are making wiser choices, they are healing, and they are becoming more hopeful.


We’re looking forward to the next year, as we continue to grow in both experience and confidence.


That’s the kind of drama we prefer! 


Streets Alive Mission: Bringing Hope to the Hopeless.