One Bad Decision Away from Homelessness

If you asked any homeless person, “How did you end up homeless?”, it’s highly unlikely that they would say,


I just woke up one morning and said to myself, “Well, I think I’ll become homeless today.”


Many people assume that homeless people make a choice to be homeless. It doesn’t happen like that. Nobody really decides to be homeless….


That would be a bad decision, right?


It has been said:

“We’re all just one bad decision away from homelessness.”


Unfortunately, that decision can be, and often is, made by someone or something else.


At Streets Alive, we hear stories every day of an illness, an accident, a series of unfortunate events, that lead to someone becoming homeless.


life can change in an instantSometimes things just get worse and worse until a person hits rock bottom and finds themselves out on the street. Sometimes things turn on a dime, and suddenly a person is penniless, homeless and friendless all at once.


Not all homeless people end up homeless as a result bad decisions about alcohol, drugs, abuse, or crime. Many of them have honestly just had a bad turn of events, got down on their luck, and are unable to get back up on their own.


It happens to people all the time!


Just like it did for this gentleman recently featured on the Humans of New York Facebook page:



“…one bad decision away from homelessness…”


It was someone else’s bad decision – the decision to try to kill this man, for whatever reason – that changed his life forever… and put him on the streets.


When we see homeless people, we really don’t know the story behind their present circumstance. We don’t know the journey of hopelessness that has brought them to where they are at this moment.


Streets Alive Mission - Bringing Hope to the HopelessAt Streets Alive Mission, we want to know the stories, because where those people are right now doesn’t have to be the END of their stories. Our staff and volunteers spend time with the impoverished, the homeless, the hopeless people in Lethbridge, listening to the stories, walking along side them, and giving them a practical helping hand whenever we can.


Ultimately, we bring hope to the hopeless, by sharing the unconditional love of Jesus, who is our eternal hope. He knows all the decisions that have been made, good, bad, or otherwise, and He loves us anyway.


Streets Alive Mission: Bringing Hope to the Hopeless.

Posted Wednesday May 07, 2014 by Streets Alive Mission

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