PIN Bank Needs

The PIN Bank is in need.

Here is a rather expansive list of all PIN needs. If you can help out in anyway we would appreciate it. Streets Alives Graphics-p001

* Shampoo
* Conditioner
* Body wash/shower gel
* Toothpaste
* Toothbrushes
* Shavers/Razors
* Shaving cream
* Deodorant
* Chapstick
* Combs

* Work boots in decent shape (all sizes, especially 9-12)
* Work gloves
* Insulated overalls/coveralls
* Work coats (Insulated)

* Pillows
* Blankets/Comforters
* Single/Twin sheets (flat + fitted)

* Cutlery
* Glasses
* Pots (+ Pans)
* Cleaning supplies (Lysol wipes; Dish soap; Laundry detergent)

* Canned soup
* Dry soup packages
* Crackers
* Kraft dinner/ Macaroni and Cheese
* Snacks
* Pasta
* Pasta sauce
* Canned stew/Pork and Beans
* Toilet paper
* Kleenex
* Paper towel
* Microwaveable meals
* All kinds of non-perishable food items

As the weather is getting cooler, we need all kinds of winter gear, especially:
* Gloves/Mitts (preferably finger gloves)
* Toques
* Scarves
* Winter coats (Especially Men’s)
* Warm socks
* Winter boots (Men’s and Women’s; all sizes)

* Underwear (we’re all out)
* Pants 30-34
* Sweatpants
* Winter coats
* Runners 9-12
* Hoodies

* Underwear (we’re all out)
* Socks
* Runners 9 and up
* Hoodies

We gratefully accept donations at our office. 323 – 4th St South, Lethbridge. M-F 9:30am to Noon, and 1pm to 4:30pm.

If those donation times don’t work for you, phone our office and we can arrange another drop-off time. (403)320-1159

Thank you for thinking of us. We really do appreciate it! Every donation helps, and you really do make a difference!!


Thank you so much for you support!


Posted Saturday October 03, 2015 by Streets Alive Mission

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