Our Staff

Ken Kissick, CFRE

Co-Founder, Business Administration and Fund Development

My work currently includes public & donor relations, and bringing awareness of the Mission's cause to the community. ...

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Ken Kissick and Julie Kissick - Streets Alive Mission Founders

Julie Kissick

Co-Founder, Director Genesis Women's Program, Inner Works

As director of the ASK Learning Centre, women's ministries, and pastor for the Mission, I believe heart ministry is the most important thing I do. Loving people is the primary thing for me....

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Ken Kissick and Julie Kissick - Streets Alive Mission Founders

Marie McLennan

Associate Director of Philanthropy

I am responsible for all aspects of Donor Relations and Communications. I consider it a privilege to be able to spend a good part of my day saying THANK YOU to our valuable supporters and donors....

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Marie McLennan - Streets Alive Mission

Meagan Romanchuk


As the administrator here at Streets Alive Mission, I take the money you donate, and deposit it in the bank. Then I make sure the doors of the Mission remain open, the lights stay on, and that we can buy the supplies we need to provide for our clients....

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Meagan Romanchuk - Streets Alive Mission

Trevor Graham

Associate Director, Men's Housing

Hi, I'm Trevor, and I'm the Associate Director of Men's Housing.  I oversee the day to day operations of Parkside Home and the Workforce, as well as basic vehicle maintenance....

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Blair Marshall

Meals Administrator, Primary Care Giver

As the Feeding 'em Hope Meal Program coordinator, I work hard to build relationships with each and every client. ...

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Blair Marshall - Streets Alive Mission

Shawna Clark

Assistant Director, Genesis Ministry

Receptionist, traffic director, assistant, administrator - I’m kind of a “Jack of all trades” and I do whatever I can to help around the Mission.  ...

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Seongin Hong

PIN Bank Administrator, Primary Care Giver

My job is to make sure everything is prepared for the programs we run such as P.I.N. Bank, Sandwich Nights, and Trusteeships....

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