Julie Kissick

Julie Kissick

Hi, I’m Julie. I’m the Co-Founder of Streets Alive Mission.

Depending on who is talking to me, I’m also known as Pastor Julie, Boss Lady, Mom, and Wife.

As director of the ASK Learning Centre, women’s ministries, and pastor for the Mission, I believe heart ministry is the most important thing I do. Loving people is the primary thing for me.  

I’m also the visionary at the Mission. I still carry a lot of vision for the ministries here even after 30+years, and especially for the work I hope to do with women.

Streets Alive all together is an accomplishment that I feel God had me do. I remember when He told me to start the church, the mobile feeding program, Foot Friday, women’s housing, the ASK Learning Centre. I think my greatest accomplishment with the Mission is the grace to be obedient to do what He said.

The Mission was born out of my own mission trip to Mexico where God broke my heart for poor and disenfranchised people. Shortly after, I was asked to drive the bus picking up people for a downtown service in Lethbridge which was just starting, and I was hooked! I am right where God has called me to be, fulfilling the purpose He has set out for me.

If you ever talk to me for any length of time, you’ll discover that I’m quite passionate about two things in particular:

  • ministering to broken people, especially women, and
  • giving people an opportunity to get to know, and get over their fear of, the community of addicted and broken people in our city.

The Mission is a big part of my life, but truly the most important things I have accomplished have been a long and happy marriage with Ken, the raising of our 3 children, and after that to be “Mom” to the streets.

Both Ken and I received the Queen’s Jubilee Award in 2013 for the social work we are doing in Lethbridge. I also have my Addictions Certificate from Mount Royal University.

I speak all over the place at women’s conferences like in Texas, England, Philippines, Thailand, and India, as well as in B.C. Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Nova Scotia. No matter how far I travel, my happiest place is still at Streets Alive Mission.

Personally speaking, I love to knit scarves for my friends when it gets cold in the winter, but I also have a glass studio where I make glass beads. The studio has 3 torches so I can teach others to play with fire. It’s amazingly very fun, and very relaxing (after I got over the fear of hot molten stuff)!

Another favourite pastime of mine is gardening. I love my flowers! They speak to me of creation and life.

What can I say, I also love dogs. I just can’t help myself! They help me find calm in the middle of the chaos of ministry. Always happy to see me, always showing unconditional love, just like God.

When I die, I want my headstone to say, “Julie loved God and loved people.

What a privilege it is to work with broken people. It is an honour to serve them, and find that we are all the same under our skin.

Something which gives me hope, which we see at the Mission more often than you might expect, is when a life that was broken is now turning around and finding their destiny in Christ. The people I see daily through the Mission really do inspire me!


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