Meagan Romanchuk

Meagan Romanchuk

Hi, I’m Meagan. As the administrator here at Streets Alive Mission, I take the money you donate, and deposit it in the bank. Then I make sure the doors of the Mission remain open, the lights stay on, and that we can buy the supplies we need to provide for our clients.

My parents brought me to the Mission, quite literally. My Mom and Dad, Julie and Ken Kissick, founded Streets Alive Mission!  As a kid I would ride around on the bus that my Mom drove to pick up the people for church.

I was thrilled when the opportunity arose for me to work for the Mission with my parents. I had watched their involvement with Streets Alive for so long, and I had been involved in some volunteer activities, as well. I started officially working at the Mission in February 2006, and God has really upped my compassion since I’ve been on staff here.

Years ago I completed a year of Bible College in Tennessee, and more recently I’ve travelled as far away as Thailand. Both of those trips were huge learning experiences.

First, as an 18-year-old homebody flying 3000 miles away to another country for her first time away from home, I had quite the adventure in Tennessee!

Visiting Thailand with my Mom and serving the people in need there was humbling, satisfying, and life-changing.

By far my happiest place in the world to be is Disneyland! I hear there’s a petition for an ‘adults only’ day at Disneyland. That gives me hope!

Captain America is my favourite Super Hero. And if he’s not yours, you’re wrong.

I think Frosted Flakes are grossly underrated and need more recognition.

I wear dresses or skirts almost exclusively. If you see me wearing jeans, call the police; I’ve been kidnapped and I’m signalling for help.

In all seriousness, I don’t play games. I’m way too competitive. I’m a terrible loser and a terrible winner.

Even more seriously, I am not a fan of injustice. Seeing an entire group of people become marginalized based purely on preconceived or uninformed notions makes me angry.

One of the most inspiring things about working at Streets Alive Mission is the look on people’s faces when they realize for the first time in their life that they have worth.

For me, that makes everything we do at the Mission worthwhile.