Seongin Hong

Seongin Hong

Hi! I’m Seongin! I am a staff here at Streets Alive Mission and my job is to make sure everything is prepared for the programs we run such as P.I.N. Bank, Sandwich Nights, and Trusteeships.

Unlike what I am doing now, I majored Computer Science in Korea. It was hard to make a decision whether to stay in Korea pursuing my career or to come to Canada starting from scratch. But I believed in God and that He has a plan for my life.  So I left everything I had back in Korea and came to Canada in faith.

I like outdoor activities: skiing or snowboarding in the winter, hiking or camping in the summer. However, those activities are nothing compared to my desire to bring the Light (The Love of Jesus, Gospel) to those without the Light; and this is my vision.

Speaking of my vision, Streets Alive Mission has a very similar mission (Bringing Hope to the Hopeless) to my vision (Bring the Light to those without the Light). I am so glad to be here at Streets Alive Mission where I can learn and serve.


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