Tom Weppler

Tom Weppler

Hola! I’m Tom, and I’m the new Manager of Client Services at Streets Alive Mission.

My wife, Laurie, and I joined the Mission team in July 2017, and we’re excited to be here. What an opportunity to serve God!

The most important things I do at the Mission include providing leadership and support to our staff and volunteers so we can serve those in need, and to love people.

The kind of work being done at Streets Alive is very familiar to me.  I was a Mission Manager in Mexico, and I’ve been involved with church plants in Central America and abroad. This is my purpose and passion in life: to share the Good News and Hope of Jesus!


I hold a few titles: Ordained Pastor, Project Manager, Executive Director of Non-Profits, Pastor Tom, Grandpa, Amigo. (Grandpa is probably my favourite!)

I’m no stranger to the cold having grown up in Saskatchewan, but I sure didn’t miss the cold winters when I was in Mexico. I do still enjoy playing hockey and skiing when the temperatures dip down low. No matter the season, I love to be outdoors doing all kinds of things.

Travel is also something I enjoy. I’ve been as far away as the Czech Republic & my favourite place is Disney Land!


A few phrases I live my life by:

  • Seek first the Kingdom of God above else, and live righteously, and all he will give you everything you need. Matt 6:33
  • “Use it or lose it !“
  • Life on earth is short; go big or go home!


I’m just a boy at heart, serving a Great God in the best way I know how.