Trevor Graham

Trevor Graham

Hi, I’m Trevor, and I’m the Associate Director of Men’s Housing.  I oversee the day to day operations of Parkside Home and the Workforce, as well as basic vehicle maintenance for Streets Alive Mission.

I became familiar with the Mission several years ago, and was offered a temporary job on the Workforce one summer. That’s where I began, and I’ve never left.

I’m passionate about music, and people. More specifically, I feel passionate about people finding their call in life.

My most important accomplishments include being married to my amazing wife Ashley, becoming a pastor, as well as growing into an experienced guitarist and singer.

People would say that I’m generally a happy guy, and I’m the happiest anywhere I am with my wife, good friends, and plenty of table space. As an avid gamer – board games, card games, all kinds of games – I’m always up for learning new things.

My favourite thing to do when it’s -25ºC is to stay inside where it’s warm and play games. Not surprisingly, my favourite thing to do when it’s +25ºC is also to stay inside where it’s cool and play games.

A quote I try to life my life by is:

Live fast. Die young. Leave a good looking corpse. (just kidding)

This is more fitting for my life:

Long live the rebels, we bleed a different kind of blood.
~ “Long Live the Rebels” (song) Lyrics by K. Young and J. Prince, performed by Disciple)


I’m a little quirky, and I love what I do at the Mission. Jesus gives me hope and He is the reason I do what I do!


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