About Streets Alive Mission

Bringing Hope to the Hopeless in Lethbridge for 30 years!

Our Vision

          To Bring Hope to the Hopeless

Our Mission

Streets Alive Mission exists to provide for the physical, emotional, social, and spiritual needs of the poor, to empower them to change their lives through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our Core Values

Streets Alive Mission flourishes through our passion for God and good works towards people in need. By conducting our lives in accord with the values of compassion, respect, integrity, stewardship and excellence we promote and demonstrate that Streets Alive Mission is and organization of good character.

Our Goals and Objectives 

For those people lacking hope and in need, Streets Alive Mission will:

  1. Go out into the community and meet their basic physical requirements.
  2. Establish meaning relationships with them.
  3. Develop mutual understanding of their issues.
  4. Mentor, teach, and train them.
  5. Empower them to achieve productive hope filled lives.

For the community in which we serve, Streets Alive Mission will:

  1. Foster and promote community support and involvement in the organization.
  2. Work with and promote unity among agencies involved in  supplying services to those lacking hope and in need.
  3. Raise awareness and advocate on behalf of those lacking hope and in need.
  4. Provide volunteer opportunities to individuals who desire to a more active role in assisting the community in looking after the at risk population.

Streets Alive Mission

323 4th Street South
Lethbridge, AB  T1J 1Z9



Bringing Hope to the Hopeless in Lethbridge for 30 years!

Streets Alive Mission