Thankful for Our Volunteers

It’s National Volunteer Week, and we’re SO thankful for the volunteers at Streets Alive Mission!

We can’t do what we do without you.

It sounds cliche, but it really is true. The day-in-day-out operations of the Mission could not happen if it were not for our small army of volunteers.

What do Our Volunteers do?

Whether sorting clothing, shoes, and housewares in the PIN Bank, teaching in the ASK Learning Centre, or handing out sandwiches, every extra pair of hands helps to get the work done so we can Bring Hope to the Hopeless, and healing to broken lives.

We have all kinds of volunteers:

  • individuals
  • small teams
  • groups from local businesses
  • church youth groups
  • families
  • groups of friends
  • church groups
  • regular weekly volunteers
  • frequent monthly volunteers
  • one-in-a-while volunteers
  • one-time volunteers
  • regularly scheduled volunteers
  • drop-in volunteers
  • holiday helpers
  • special event volunteers

We have many things which volunteers do around the Mission:

  • envelope stuffing for mailers
  • PIN Bank sorting
  • laundry
  • meal prep
  • meal serving
  • handyman
  • cleaning
  • special event teams
    • event prep
    • flaggers
    • registration help
  • photographers
  • sponsor outreach
  • special projects


We Can’t “DO” Without Our Volunteers!

As a non-profit organization funded completely by generous donors, Streets Alive Mission simply could not be effective without volunteers.

We are beyond grateful for those who share their time and talents with us!

Volunteer Week - Thank You - Streets Alive Mission
This is only a sampling of our amazing volunteers. We have so many helpful hands, we just can’t share them all (and not all of them will let us take their picture).

Our Volunteers are PRICELESS!

Even if you’re not in this photo, please know that you are vital to the work at Streets Alive Mission. We would be hard-pressed to put a dollar value on your man-hours and talents. Your help is TRULY invaluable.

Of course, we can never say THANK YOU enough. (But we’ll keep trying!)


Thank You, thank you, THANK YOU! You guys really are AMAZING!

Streets Alive Mission volunteers are THE BEST!


Interested in volunteering at Streets Alive? We’d love for you to join us sometime!

Volunteer at Streets Alive Mission