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Every year, Streets Alive Mission operates a youth summer camp. We are blessed to have a fully equipped children and youth camp in the mountains donated to us for one week each summer, where at-risk kids can come and experience unconditional love and acceptance.


Most of the kids who join us at camp are in our youth program, but many are first-timers — invited by our youth, to participate in what is often a life-changing experience.


Because the use of the facility is DONATED to us, our cost for camp is kept low: about $100 per youth attending.


Camp is just the beginning, and is a safe place to “check out” our youth program, make some friends and experience a love they have never known.


Our youth program runs 12 months of the year, providing these kids with a safe haven, love, unconditional support and the HOPE of Jesus. Our volunteers work shoulder to shoulder with our students supporting them through their faith journey. They celebrate victories together and share defeats.


Will you help?

Will you help ensure that our youth programs, including summer camp, can continue to disciple and mentor more students every year?


It costs approximately $4 per student per day to operate our youth program which includes:

  • 1 week at Camp,
  • an annual youth conference at Briercrest Bible College,
  • transportation to and from all youth group activities and church on Sunday
  • as well as their curriculum materials.

$4 per day per student!


That’s only $125 per month! Please help!








Choose your monthly donation amount:


If the donation amount you wish to donate monthly is not listed,
or if you have other donation questions, please phone Meagan at 403-320-1159.

It’s SO much more than sending a kid to camp! Becoming a monthly donor for even $50 per month may not change your life. You becoming a monthly donor WILL change the life of a youth, perhaps even his or her entire family’s.


Summer Camp