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YOU can help those struggling with poverty in your neighbourhood. Your donation makes it possible for Streets Alive Mission to provide programs which to help lift people out of poverty and bring hope.


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Poverty is Real

Poverty is not a “topic”. It is real people in real trouble.

Yes! There is poverty in Lethbridge, and it is affecting people you know, right here, right now.

People are choosing between paying rent and buying lunch for their kids because they can’t do both.

People are couch surfing, sleeping “rough” out in the elements, or worse, because they can’t afford a room of their own for even one night.

People walk kilometre after kilometre, everywhere they go, through wind and rain and snow, because they cannot afford bus fare.

These aren’t just any people. These are OUR people – Lethbridge People!

There is a face (and a name, and a story) for every person served at Streets Alive Mission. These faces matter!

Did you have to choose between FOOD and RENT this month?
Because your neighbour may have…


Our Neighbours need HOPE more than ever!


YOU can bring HOPE to the hopeless, and help a neighbour in need!
Your gifts provide for basic needs,
⇒ like meals, clothing, and foot care,⇐
but support doesn’t stop there.

Our Mission

Streets Alive Mission exists to provide for the physical, emotional, social, and spiritual needs of the poor, to empower them to change their lives through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


Volunteering at Streets Alive Mission is EASY!

Streets Alive Mission is always seeking those who have a desire to give of themselves to serve others.

Volunteers are key to the work that we do at the Mission, and we wish to make it as easy as possible for you to engage and help in areas where you feel comfortable and confident.

We offer a variety of opportunities, training, and support for those who want to join the cause of “Bringing Hope to the Hopeless.”

Volunteer opportunities at Streets Alive are available for individuals AND for groups.

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