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Face up to poverty!

Your donation will make a difference
for REAL people in Lethbridge.

Donations provide people in need access to:

  • clean clothing,
  • personal hygiene items,
    an emergency food pantry,
  • life-recovery skills training,
  • trusteeships,
  • and support measures not provided by other agencies in the community.

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Poverty is real in Lethbridge.


Poverty is not a “topic”. It is real people in real trouble.

Yes! There is poverty in Lethbridge, and it is affecting people you know, right now.

  • People are choosing between paying rent and buying lunch for their kids because they can’t do both.
  • People are couch surfing, sleeping “rough” out in the elements, or worse, because they can’t afford a room of their own for even one night.
  • People walk kilometre after kilometre, everywhere they go, through wind and rain and snow, because they cannot afford bus fare.

These aren’t just any people. These are OUR people – people of Lethbridge!

There is a face (and a name, and a story) for every person served at Streets Alive Mission. These faces matter!

Face up to poverty in Lethbridge!

Your donation will have a significant impact
on individuals and families in Lethbridge, almost immediately!
You can make a difference today.

Donate now!

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The people we serve are depending on your support!

We say Thank You on behalf of the many faces we see every day at Streets Alive Mission!